Monday, 22 February 2010

Money, Money, Money

I sat down at an internet terminal in Gatwick airport this morning, and what should I find next to me, but an open purse containing what looked like 100's of pounds. Guess what I did... :) Well firstly I looked around to see if anyone was close, there were a lot of people around, but no-one who was concerned with the purse. Then I spent my £1 worth of internet time, watching the purse, watching people to see if they were watching the purse and watching to see if people were watching me watching the I never did check my email.

I also spent the time considering what to do if nobody came for it...nobody did.

There were two options I could see, hand it in or keep it. But it wasn't a difficult choice, I was never seriously going to hand it in...only joking :) But, I would be lying if I said I didn't think about that option. So I took it and and dutifully found the 'left baggage' counter.

Now...the look that the attendant gave me when I said,

"I've just found this purse and it contains what looks like hundreds of pounds"

was priceless. It was a puzzled look that said,

"are you serious?"

and then without saying a word to me...not a single word... he just handed me a form to fill out.

It turned out that there was £280.50, 225 Euros, the owners Romanian ID card and various other things in the said purse.

You might be asking the question "Why didn't you keep it you idiot?", and it might be a good question. I'm not completely sure of my reasons, maybe I thought the costs outweighed the benefits, or maybe it was just my way of paying it forward...

So if you know a Raluca Ioana Zaharescu, tell her I know where her purse is...also ask her why she left 7 minutes before her internet credit ran out...criminal!!


  1. i was browsing youtube, here and there, and i had seen your "500 Miles" cover and said to miself "hey, if this guy sings so good maby he writes too!" and here i am, reading a stori about a romanian person. And i ask miself..: what's the chance? Because i'm romanian too! :))

    p.s.:excuse me about my bad english :">

  2. Hey
    Just read your blog for the first time. loved this post as my first read. just two words for it... best job.. and yea I loved your cover of "Stand by Me".

    will be coming back for more and again.

  3. i wont keep it,since the money is not belong to me.
    try to imagine, if you are the owner?

    anyway, nice post~


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