Thursday, 11 February 2010

Slow down everyone, you're moving too fast.

So, Alexander McQueen is dead, am I sad? Yes I'm sad, because somebody's brother, somebody's son, somebody's friend is dead, not because we've lost a celebrity designer. I'm not a fan of the eulogizing that goes on when somebody dies, especially when the media report on a celebrity death.

Now, I knew nothing about Mr. McQueen before today, other than the fact that he was a well respected designer...and that he had a very cool second name. But, I watched an interview with another famous designer today discussing his life, and apparently, and I quote, "Alexander only had one failing", he was not concerned enough with 'commercial success' and was too concerned with making a statement, be it political, religious or other...

Are we so far gone, that making a statement is a failing???

I originally wrote "what a load of ****!!!" before the previous sentence, but I thought it was a bit strong.

Anyway, a month on, and I notice Haiti has disappeared from the news completely...I guess everything is back to normal now....

Happy Days

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