Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dancing in the street

So, I've been away for a a virtual sense. But this is not to say that I've had nothing to write about, quite the opposite.

I'm not a student anymore, I've moved from one country to another, I've started a new career, I've shaved and I'm currently winging my way across Europe without any socks. On my travels I've found Frankfurt-ians to be not the most responsive people towards buskers, although Prague-ians were more than willing to show they cared....

This time tomorrow I'll be in Cardiff, all things being equal, and I'm going to see how much Cardiffians appreciate street music.

It's also surprising where busking takes you...

A lady with a dog happened upon me while I was playing behind the national bank in Bucharest and apparently she liked something I was doing. She turned out to be the wife of a famous Romanian folk singer and invited me to play at the Teatrul Bulandra at an arts festival, it went well. Also while busking I've appeared in engagement videos, holiday snaps, I've received offers of food (I think they thought I looked hungry), I've been given paper clips, flowers, sweets, seven different currencies and a kiss from a homeless lady....amongst other things.

Thought for the day: Never underestimate the lady with the dog



  1. Still that same Vietnam shirt!

  2. You are amazing. I`m gonna look for you when I come to Bucharest in the autumn and I`d love to hear you play. :)

  3. .love your stories,blog, covers.. :D
    you could come to croatia someday.
    good luck. :)


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  5. very nice post.. lov your blog