Wednesday, 3 February 2010

In the Blackness of the Night....

The last four days have been made up of absolute highs and absolute lows. Some of the highs and most of the lows have played themselves out in the virtual world. So it got me thinking, and my thoughts strayed completely...and this is the result!!

The idea of context is a huge part of conversation, when I say context I mean body language, facial expression, voice intonation, etc. I've been told it's as much as 90% (from a very reliable source close to my heart). This is ok in the real world, but, in emails and sms's this context is almost entirely missing.

Now, up to this point most of what I've said is believable to the majority, but this is where I split people into two groups...the lovers and the haters!!

Emoticons! :)

It has become fashionable amongst the 'virtual elite' :o to label these little symbols as too childish to use. :( Maybe they have a point, but maybe they don't. In fact, it might be the closest that the virtual world comes to non-written context :D If online chat is to be meaningful some context is required.

Do you want an example?

"Do you want to go out?"

"Do you want to go out? <3"

I challenge anyone to say that those mean the same thing....but be careful if you do challenge it, you might be labelled 'virtual elite' ;)

If you add to this lack of context the problems of language translation ;) the use of common symbols could be an important part of a solution, possibly for an internet generation, they may already be :D

Thoughts for the day....

'Silence' in virtual conversations often isn't a negative thing!

Imagine a world where there are only online ineractions, where we all live in boxes with computers in front of us...Visit someone and make them smile :D

#I'm a fugitive, community has driven me out
For this bad, bad world I'm beginning to doubt#

...I was going to keep singing, but the next line made no sense to me ;)

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