Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wish You Were Here...

It's 3am (Romania time) I can't sleep. I have spent so much time in bed over the last few days that my body doesn't know where it is. There are several reasons I have spent so much time in bed....tonight's reasons were the best!

I performed in a bar tonight, when I'd finished somebody made the (correct) observation that I should interact more with the audience, share a bit more of myself...but I find it difficult to interact with a group of people I don't know...he says as he bears his soul on the internet, but I have an estimated readership of about 3!...and they are all drunk, giggling it's ok.

But the people who came tonight seemed to enjoy it...those that didn't leave.

I'm really not sure about this blog, I wrote one a few years ago when I was travelling through Asia, mainly for the people I knew, family, friends, but this is different. I'm not writing this for particular people, it's more general, infact as I said, at the moment I'm writing it almost exclusively for myself! But I will continue to find out whether I am the next Dickens...or not!

I'll leave you with a true story...

I'm seeing Avatar tomorrow (or today).

Goodnight, Noapte Buna


  1. I'm quite sure Dickens started out with "an estimated readership" of three, as well :) so keep up with the blog, very soon you'll have a hundred readers ;-) and not all giggling...

  2. did you like avatar? I LOVED IT:) the storry, the 3d technology, my 3d glasses and the popcorn!:)
    you see jon how global you are already? you have a reader also from zurich!!:)
    ciao, Ela

  3. I enjoyed Avatar very much, it was a great film with a very thought provoking storyline. But, I'm not sure how much of the enjoyment came from the 'IMAX 3D' experience...when I watch it on TV I will let you know :)
    But it is a very nice film...but the popcorn was salted not sweet!!

    That's four readers I have now, thankyou!!
    ciao, Jonathan

  4. I am rarely a giggling female jonathan! you should know that by now.