Thursday, 14 January 2010

The News...

Do we get what we want or what we're given?

How can the BBC go from one news story on the Haiti disaster to another on a football manager who has been charged with tax evasion, and introduce it as 'BREAKING NEWS'? From a story about 50,000+ deaths in the past two days, to a single person who is only important to his family, friends and a handful of football fans who is a possible thief...and the latter is 'BREAKING'??

Music on the news, why? To keep people entertained?

Now, the Haiti disaster is the top story (I'm watching as I write), within two days it will be second or third and within a week or two it will not be mentioned, until a month has passed then there will be 'One Month After Special'. But don't worry, they will replace the top story with something utterly informative like, Madonna has decided to get married again, or Tom Cruise has broken a toenail.

Also, of all the personal stories that they could have covered, they show an interview with an American Christian missionary who is amongst a plane full of Christian missionaries leaving the country. Are we happy because 'the Westerners' are safe? Also, it's slightly ironic that the missionaries are leaving, I would think that in Haiti's 'Hour of greatest need' - as Obama called it - the missionaries would be in their ideal environment. But, maybe you should only do 'God's Work' if it's safe to do so.

I think we'll finish on that ironic note....


  1. When I saw the missionairies leaving, I thought the same thing, but later I felt guilty for judging them.

    Everything is chaos over there and whatever they had is gone so perhaps they need to go home to be able to regroup and go back and help. Maybe they have no food themselves. At least, that would make more sense to me than just leaving when they are needed most. But I'm a girl so perhaps stuff needs to make sense to me for me to "handle" it...
    Deb W.

  2. I completely agree with what you're saying and I I wasn't judging them as human beings, I think most of us would do the same, although there was a certain amount of irony in the whole situation.

    More importantly, the media seemed to have their priorities misplaced with the attention that they were giving to the plane full of westerners that were being evacuated when 100,000's of people were dying.

  3. Yeah, I agree. I felt almost embarassed that they televised that and I'm from America. DW

  4. now I'm embarrassed I misspelled the word embarrassed ;)