Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And So It Is....

I've found for the last three days that I am unable to get out of bed, Which concerned me on the first day, not so much the second, but today I am concerned once again.

So with this, and the beginning of a new year in mind, I have started writing.

I have few reasons to get out of bed, I do have some reading to do, but that can be done in bed and it's not so urgent. I could tidy the house a little...although there is only ten minutes work there. I could do it to appear 'normal', but who would the appearance be for? Only one other person knows I'm here and she already knows who I am and she still loves me...and vice versa. So the 'normal' appearance would be mainly for myself, to prove to myself that I am contributing something, which is a good thing for society I think, but sometimes I think it is just good to do nothing, give yourself time to think, reflect on how life is turning out.

Besides, there are many reasons for me not to get out of bed. The one person who I want to spend time with is in work until's 4 o'clock. I am away from home with very few responsibilities while away. It's cold. I drank too much last night...and the night before. I'm giving myself time to think....

There are many things to think we all know, life isn't always simple, and even when it is simple, or maybe I should say, especially when it's simple, some people try to upset this point I could start to discuss my own situation and maybe even issue a couple of personal attacks, but I think it's sufficient to say...There are a lot of things to think about!

So, I am still laying in a bed in Bucharest waiting for my special someone to finish work, my family in the UK, and my thoughts split between the two.

But I'll tell you a true amusing story....

6 days ago, we had just celebrated the birth of a new year, I am in a house with 5 others, and I'm preparing to play a few songs on the guitar and decide to use the toilet...probably due to the copious amounts of vodka punch, Baileys, etc, etc. that had been consumed.

The toilet door jams shut with me inside.

So here's the scene, I am stuck in a toilet, 3 hours into the new year, slightly tipsy...we'll say, 5 females on the outside of the door, 3 of whom I don't know AT ALL, including the apartment owner, I'm stuck in the toilet with nothing but my pride slowly draining away, with the door and a 'slight' language barrier between us.

They try in vain for ten drunken, giggling minutes to open the door from the outside, until eventually it becomes obvious that more drastic action is required. Either smash the small window, or try and break the door down...the owner goes with the glass...eventually. So they tape the glass up and I smash the window. But then the problem of using the toilet becomes an issue...they can't get in because it's a small window and it's high up. But one of them has the idea of using the garbage shute...or so I thought. It's located on the communal balcony and is an opening about 1 meter of the floor where you throw your garbage. After several of them had used this 'garbage shute' I got to thinking about how they were using it. For me it would have been simple, for a girl....

So eventually my curiosity got the better of me and when my better half went to use it for the second time and I said "How the **** are you all using it!!" and went running to see this show of biological excellence. What I was greeted with when I arrived was not the show I was expecting.

But I'll leave it to your imagination....

For now,

Buna Ziua, Good day

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  1. Jon, this is one of the giggling girls outside the bathroom door :o)). My comment (in between other giggles) is that the next day we managed to open the door without the slightest problem. It just.. opened. I guess the vodka punch effects were gone after all. And we were relieved of the garbage place :o)). Happy New Year again and good luck with your blog :o)